Key Leadership & Member Roles

John Endean
John EndeanPresident
A graduate of Williams College, Mr. Endean holds advanced degrees in history and American Studies from Yale University where he served as an instructor in modern American political and economic history. Prior to joining ABC, he worked in the Washington office of CBS, Inc. As president of ABC, Mr. Endean has worked with leading members of Congress and White House staff on issues as diverse as corporate governance and the capital markets, international trade and investment policy, fundamental tax reform, litigation reform, saving incentives, accounting standards, and financial reporting. Mr. Endean is the author of a number of business and policy-related monographs on such topics as international competitiveness, international intellectual property protection, the distributional implications of fundamental tax reform, stock options accounting, the proxy process and director elections, and securities litigation reform.
Dave Baggett
Dave BaggettTechnology & Innovation
Dave is Founder and CEO of INKY, whose flagship INKY Phish Fence platform leads the email security market for MSPs. Arguably the biggest cybersecurity problem today, phishing drives over $1.5B/year of theft, PII exfiltration and credential harvesting. Prior to INKY, Dave co-developed the world-renowned Crash Bandicoot series at Naughty Dog, as one of the two developers on the original title for PlayStation 1. After Naughty Dog, Dave co-founded travel search company ITA Software, where he oversaw software development, operations, and customer success. ITA grew to over 500 employees before its April 2011 sale to Google for $700M, at which point it was Google’s sixth largest acquisition ever. Dave holds a B.S./B.A. in Computer Science and Linguistics from the University of Maryland, College Park, as well as a S.M. in Computer Science from MIT. Dave lives with his wife Kip in Maryland; the couple have two children, both currently attending college.
Matthew Lawlor
Matthew LawlorStrategic Planning
Mr. Lawlor is co-founder and Chair of Ceca Foundation, an operating nonprofit that has recognized and rewarded over 45,000 outstanding health caregivers. Earlier in 1989, Matt founded Online Resources and built the firm as Chair and CEO from concept to a successful public company (Nasdaq: ORCC; acquired 2013). Based on its patented real-time technology, the firm processed over $100 billion payments per year and served an estimated 15 percent of US households. Matt previously served as Presidential Exchange Executive in the Carter-Reagan White House, and with Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan) from 1973-80, where he last headed its international equity investment company. Matt holds a BSME from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard.
Thomas (Tam) Murray
Thomas (Tam) MurrayMembership Development
Mr. Murray is founder and CEO of Community Wireless Structures, a private developer of telecommunications infrastructure which has constructed 58 towers in Virginia. Its towers are designed for co-location and leased in place with to all four major wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish) and several smaller providers. In recognition of wireless industry contributions, “Tam” was elected Chair the Board of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (formerly PCIA) trade association for wireless providers and companies that build cell phone towers, rooftop wireless sites, and other facilities that transmit wireless communication signals. Tam holds a BA from Williams College and an MBA from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.